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Exploring Swift Concurrency

Since Apple introduce Swift Concurrency, I’ve been always having an idea to write something about swift concurrency. But then I got a new job, an ...
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How to use SignPost

SignPost is part of the os_log family delivered by Apple for iOS10 and above. It allows developers to place performance-focused time markers which ...
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Sometimes, you may encounter heavy performance issue in RN page, like laggy and unresponsive pages. And you do want to take a deep look at how ma ...
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EXC_BREAKPOINT when forced unwrapping optional in Swift

When unforced unwrapping optional in Swift, we will see the exception type in crash report is Exception Type: EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP) instead of ...
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Understand How MLeaksFinder and FBRetainCycleDetector automatically detect memory leaks

BackgroundMemory is important resource in iOS. If a application uses too much memory, exceeding the limit based on the device, the iOS system will ...
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Crash - Pointer Authentication Failures or invalid memory accesses

Recently, a colleague came to me for a crash. It is quite tricky. So i took a note here. The exception section is as follow: 123456789101112Except ...
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Crash - ate bad food (0x8badf00d)

Recently, my colleague came to me for a crash report. It is a case where system watch dog kills our app for blocking main thread for too long time ...
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Ensure Null-Terminated JS Bundle in React Native

Dive into React Native
DescriptionThere is an expensive copy operation for data buffer when loading and parsing JS Bundle in React Native. In my case, I have a 4.8 MB J ...
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Dive into CFRunLoop

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BackgroundSometimes, you may want to collect on-device performance metrics in main thread to know how our App performs and help you find more clue ...
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How Image Loader and Cache work in React Native

Popular Article Dive into React Native
In react native, it is so intuitive to display different types of images. The Image Component can display network images, static resources, tempo ...
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